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What Is It?

settings.json is located at the base directory of JuraviS. It is created after running a script which requires a setting to be specified.

There are 3 files used for determining which settings may be necessary to call a mod script's function:

In all of these files, the level can be either global, game or mod. Settings will be recorded with a new value into setting.json in the level specified.

The user can override the need to specify the same setting individually for all of their mods for a particular game by manually editing the setting into the game level of settings.json.


  Global: {
    settingNameA: settingValueA,
    settingNameB: settingValueB,
  Games: {
    gameName: {
      settingNameC: settingValueC,
      settingNameD: settingValueD,
  Mods: {
    gameName: {
      modName: {
        settingNameE: settingValueE,
        settingNameF: settingValueF,
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