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Warning: Make sure you check out the General Command Line information too

Compiling Events

By default, the 2 base commands only compile the event(s). They won't save the event data anywhere unless you specify where (i.e. PSX Image, TEST.EVT file, quicksave, or a combination of the 3).

Compile Event File

  • node . compileeventfile | cef (path/to/eventscript)
  • [--file | -f] (path/to/eventscript) File to compile
  • [--quicksave | -q] (path/to/quicksave) Compile to your Quicksave

Compile Event Directory

  • node . compileeventdirectory | ced (path/to/eventdir)
  • [--dir | -d] (path/to/eventdir) Directory containing events to compile

Global Arguments

These can be used for both Compile Event File and Compile Event Directory.

  • [--autopatch | -a] (#milliseconds) Automatically scan for files changes, compile and patch every X milliseconds (default 250)
  • [--modimg | -i] (path/to/image) Compile to your Mod Image
  • [--testevt | --test_evt | -t] <path/to/TEST.EVT> Compile to your TEST.EVT
  • [--verbose | -v] (true/false)
  • [--errorsound | -z] (true/false)
  • [--successsound | -y] (true/false)
  • [--eventsize | -e] <byte_size> Set the event byte size (default: 8192)


  • node . cef -viqa
    • Compiles Default event file
    • Verbose ON
    • Autopatch ON
    • Saves to Default ISO
    • Saves to Default Quicksave
  • node . cef "C:\FFT Hacking\My Mod\event.txt" -vazq
    • Compiles the event "C:\FFT Hacking\My Mod\event.txt"
    • Verbose ON
    • Error Sound ON
    • Autopatch ON
    • Saves to Default Quicksave
  • node . ced "C:\FFT Hacking\My Mod\events\" -a --modImg "C:\FFT Hacking\My Mod\FFT.bin"
    • Compiles all the events in “C:\FFT Hacking\My Mod\events\”
    • Autopatch ON
    • Saves to ISO "C:\FFT Hacking\My Mod\FFT.bin"


  • node . wipe

Replaces your Mod Image with a fresh copy of your Vanilla Image.

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