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What is JuraviS?

JuraviS is a cross-platform tool written in NodeJS that allows users to easily create and patch mods. It can also be used as a debugging/cheating tool. Originally it was developed for Final Fantasy Tactics, but the author Xifanie felt that a new broad patching tool was necessary in the video modding community, and thus painstakingly edited her come to allow any game to be edited by the program; within language limitations, of course. The newest version of NodeJS operates on a 32-bit standard, which can be constraining.

It is open source, but sadly currently with little in-code comments.

The software is still in its infancy and currently mostly focuses on implementing features specific to Final Fantasy Tactics.


  • Mod Projects
    • Individual directories
    • Cleanly and easily call for other mods' scripts
    • Each mod has its own set of settings but may call upon game or even global settings as necessary
  • All of your personal settings in one file: settings.json
  • ISO 9660
    • CD File Index
      • Analyzing the structure
      • Rebuilding
      • Creating new files with specific or automatic sector allocation (2048 bytes/sector only)
      • Importing/Exporting files (2048 bytes/sector only)
    • Expanding/Shrinking the image
    • Linking sectors/filesizes to specific offsets in specific files

Getting Started



  1. Extract JuraviS to the directory of your choice;
  2. Download and install the newest version of NodeJS for your system:;
  3. Open cmd/terminal and cd to the directory containing JuraviS;
  4. Run "npm install".


Patching a Mod

  1. Download and Extract the mod to the JuraviS/games/ directory;
  2. Open cmd/terminal and cd to the directory of the mod;
  3. Run node . patch or node . p;
  4. Follow the instructions specific to the mod and fill out any missing settings;
  5. Play!

Creating a Mod

Please refer to the Creating a Mod section.

Other Uses

Different games will have their own set of commands available for use, and you should refer to that game's specific page for documentation.

General Command Line Usage

Supported Games

This is a list of the games that mods and/or documentation is available for.

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